TV Stars Cite 'Saved by the Bell' as Favorite Show to Watch as a Teen

"Can't miss 'Rugrats,'" Lakeith Stanfield ('Atlanta') said. "I love Chuckie."

Television's top supporting stars are not only on some of the most popular shows, but they, too, are TV fans. Their fandom started early, as evidenced by their favorite TV shows from their teen years, shared with The Hollywood Reporter during a massive supporting actor class photo shoot.

"I used to come home everyday and watch Saved by the Bell," Barry's Anthony Carrigan said, echoed by Insecure's Yvonne Orji.

"I definitely was all about the 1998 WB lineup. Monday was Felicity, Tuesday was Buffy, Wednesday was Dawson's," GLOW actress Betty Gilpin told THR. "I owe my terrible posture right now to Joey, portrayed by Katie Holmes, because I thought to be cool, you had to be like this," she said while hunching down like Holmes in the '90s.

"The show that I would never miss was Lizzie McGuire. I love Lizzie McGuire so much," said Holly Taylor (The Americans). "I heard Hilary Duff was here today, so I'm trying not to freak out about that."

"Can't miss Rugrats," Lakeith Stanfield (Atlanta) said. "I love Chuckie."