Scandal-Ridden German President Resigns

Getty Images

Film executive David Gronewold linked to corruption charges against President Christian Wulff.

BERLIN – German President Christian Wulff has resigned from the country’s highest political post amid accusations he accepted illicit favors from business men while a state governor.
One of the key accusations centers on German film producer David Gronewold, whose credits include Dennis Gansel’s The Wave and Cherry Blossoms from Doris Dorrie.

Gronewold paid for a vacation he took together with Wulff and his wife on the German island of Sylt in 2007, when Wulff was still governor of the German state of Lower Saxony. The state granted a major bank guarantee for one of Gronewold’s companies, leading to the suspicion that there could have been a tit-for-tat agreement between Gronewold and Wulff. Prosecutors in Lower Saxony have submitted a request to the lower house of parliament to have the president’s immunity lifted so they can begin a criminal investigation into the allegations.

Under this pressure, Wulff announced his resignation Friday, though he still denies he did anything wrong.