Scarlett Johansson Becomes A Twitter Trending Topic

John Shearer/Getty Images

Many users said they found out about the star's alleged nude photos via the social-networking site Wednesday.

On Wednesday, alleged photos of Scarlett Johansson made their way onto the internet. In one photo, The We Bought a Zoo actress is wrapped in nothing but a towel showing an exposed backside in a mirror. In the other she is topless. 

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The photos' release has been linked to the hacking incidents that have affected other celebrities in recent months (Blake Lively dealt with the same issue in June, and Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus have also reportedly been hacked), and the actress has reportedly reached out to the FBI (the organization confirmed that a celebrity-focused probe has begun). 

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Johansson quickly became a search topic on both Google and Yahoo! Wednesday, and was also a Twitter trending topic.

Many users said they found out about the leaked photos via the social networking site. 

"What's all this talk about Scarlett Johansson and some pictures that.... Nevermind." wrote LA Clippers forward Blake Griffin. He later also tweeted some advice, saying "Attention Actresses: If you've EVER taken nude pics, prepare a statement now for when some guy steals/releases them. It's gonna happen."

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England's The Observer film critic Jason Solomons said, "ok - I now see why Scarlett Johansson is trending - just hope John Barrowman isn't trending for the same reasons? I dare not look..."

"With the Scarlett Johansson leak & the Glen Rice & Palin hookup, it reminds me how dope twitter is, how would i of heard this 5 years ago?" user CM Sexton wrote. 

Francesca Khan said, "That awkward moment when you find out why Scarlett Johansson is trending."

"That's what happens when you are off Twitter. Had no idea until now that Scarlett Johansson has a worthless camera phone," tweeted Rofl Indian.

Ray William Johnson made a joke, writing "Apparently, my girl Scarlett Johansson was trying to send me some pics and they somehow got lost. If you guys find em, let me know."