Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che Play Virtual Reality Pictionary on 'The Tonight Show'

"Tomato pigtails" and "the Ten Commandments" were some of the most creative guesses in the game, also played by host Jimmy Fallon and guest Dove Cameron.

Scarlett Johansson and Michael Che faced off against Jimmy Fallon and Dove Cameron on Monday night's Tonight Show for a game of virtual reality Pictionary.

Fallon went first, putting on his virtual reality headset and drawing his 3D image of a clown car. "School girl? Tomato pigtail?" asked Cameron before guessing the phrase correctly.

"Oh my God, I'm getting nauseous," said Johansson when it was her turn. 

"Square? Ten Commandments?" guessed Che, as Johansson got even more nervous while trying to draw a pinball machine. The key was making the image 3D, because as soon as Johansson started drawing the back of the machine, Che guessed correctly. "I'm so happy!" exclaimed the actress, hugging Che.

The final round, with Che drawing, got a little complicated for the whole group, and the Saturday Night Live cast member said "I'm scared" as he attempted "spring chicken."