New Sculptor Will Fix "Scary Lucy" Statue, Says Local Mayor

Post Journal

The mayor says he doesn't want the original artist to redo the work.

CELORON, N.Y. (AP) — The mayor of Lucille Ball's western-New York hometown said he'll hire a new sculptor to "fix" the village's much-maligned statue of the 1950s sitcom star, after criticism of the public artwork drew worldwide attention.

Mayor Scott Schrecengost said Tuesday he has spoken with a sculptor who agreed to fix the life-size bronze statue for less than the $10,000 quoted previously by the original sculptor, Dave Poulin.

The mayor's announcement came only hours after Poulin told the Associated Press he was willing to create a new statue for free. The mayor said he doesn't want Poulin to redo the work. Poulin told the AP he's fine with that decision.

Critics of the statue dubbed it "Scary Lucy," saying it bears little resemblance to the I Love Lucy star.