Scary Viral Stunt For 'Devil's Due' Freaks Out New Yorkers (Video)

Devil's Due NYC Baby Screengrab - H 2014

Devil's Due NYC Baby Screengrab - H 2014

A remote-controlled baby from hell is heating up anticipation of the 20th Century Fox horror, but sending New Yorkers screaming.

Upcoming 20th Century Fox horror film Devil's Due is already freaking out people in New York City thanks to a very scary publicity campaign featuring an evil baby that puts the fear of God into passersby. 

In the video, titled "Devil Baby Attack," which has since gone viral, the deranged child is lying abandoned in a stroller in the street, but when concerned pedestrians approach, it leaps up with a demonic expression. 

With blood red eyes and bulging veins popping out from its oversized head, the baby caused many New Yorkers unfortunate enough to encounter it to scream in fear, with some covering their faces from the horrific sight.

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Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, Devil's Due tells the tale of a newlywed couple encountering an unexpected pregnancy. Soon dark changes are noticed in both the expectant mother's body and mind, leading to the revelation that she is carrying the spawn of Satan.

While the innovative publicity campaign has clearly captured both the attention of the Big Apple and the Internet, it has sparked controversy about whether the studio went a step too far with its gorilla marketing. 

The baby, which looks like a possessed descendent of Child's Play's Chucky, is the creation of New York-based company Thinkmodo, who offer a behind-the-scenes look at its construction in the YouTube video, that is aptly accompanied by a hard rock soundtrack.

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The motorized pram can be seen rolling through the snow in Manhattan until the secret crew at its helm find a suitable victim. Then it flies into action, screeching like a banshee. 

Only one cool-headed street cleaner seemed unfazed by the attack, staring stone-faced at the mechanical monster in a white onesie, which goes on to spew projectile vomit from its plastic head. 

Blatantly showing no respect for the law, the baby even flips off a New York Police Department car in its rampage. 

Devil's Due, starring Allison Miller, Zach Gilford, and Sam Anderson, opens on Friday, Jan. 17.