'Schitt's Creek' Stars Test How Well They Know Each Other

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Schitt's Creek - Publicity_H 2020
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

While on 'The Tonight Show,' Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy took turns wearing noise-cancelling headphones while the others answered questions about them.

The cast of Schitt's Creek tested their knowledge about each other on Thursday's episode of NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

During the game "Know Your Schitt's Creek," Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy and Annie Murphy each took turns wearing noise-cancelling headphones while the others answered questions about them.

The cast began the game by answering what the biggest pet peeve was that Eugene Levy had to overcome while on set. After Dan Levy suggested that it might have something to do with food, he and Murphy agreed that it was when the elder Levy had to get his hair wet while filming the season one episode "The Drip." Added O'Hara, "That or working with his kids."

After Eugene Levy took his headphones off, host Jimmy Fallon asked him to answer the question. "'The Drip.' The episode of the show when my hair's soaking wet," he said.

For O'Hara's question, the cast was asked to guess which scene made her laugh the most while filming. "I would say it was a scene called 'Allez Vous,'" said Eugene Levy. Added Dan Levy, "She and I were selling cosmetics to the town, and it was just a sad, desperate sales pitch." Murphy said that Dan Levy's face was orange from bronzer in the scene and Eugene Levy shared, "Catherine started the scene and could not look at him without laughing."

O'Hara revealed that they chose the correct scene. "I think it was when Daniel and I were doing 'Allez Vous,'" she answered. "David, the character, was so nervous trying to sell this product and he had also tested out the tanning cream and it was a yellow-orange and he looked like a goldfish caught in the headlights." The actress continued, "I was so unprofessional."

Fallon next asked the cast to guess how Dan Levy made "his first dollar." Murphy recalled that the younger Levy used to work at Gap Kids, which his father confirmed.

"My parents dropped me off in front of a Gap Kids and said very clearly, 'Do not come home without a job application,'" answered Dan Levy when he took his headphones off. "I don't want to say that that's motivated me to be a compulsive over-worker, but it definitely hasn't not done that."

For the final round, the cast was asked to identify the biggest fight Murphy got into on set. Her castmates concluded that it was a trick question because she's "never gotten into a fight about anything on set."

Despite her co-stars not being able to recall a fight, Murphy shared that she got into an argument with Dan Levy. "It was about pizza," she said. "We got into a heated argument about which dirty fast-food pizza is the best and you got so upset that you ordered five different pizzas from five different places and made us have a taste test at lunch."

While Dan was initially shocked by the story, he confirmed that the story was true.

The cast also shared a memorable experience from the Critics' Choice Awards, which involved a run-in with Nicole Kidman.

"We were at the Critics' Choice Awards and we were all kind of waiting in line to get to the carpet and Catherine and I, in particular, were really rubber-necking," said Murphy. "Jeremy Strong was there and Olivia Wilde was there and then all of a sudden, we kind of feel this ethereal presence sweep up on our left and this gazelle-like creature comes by and it's Nicole Kidman."

Murphy said that Kidman grabbed O'Hara "by the body," though O'Hara said it was because she didn't see the rest of the cast. "She started to try to tell me how much she loves the show, and I wouldn't let her get a word in. Like, 'You're the best. You have the best career. You make the best choices,'" she recalled.

O'Hara eventually told Kidman that the whole cast was there and Murphy added that they leaned toward her to get her attention. "Just like puppies up for adoption," said Dan Levy.