'School of Rock' Cast Has Touching 10-Year Reunion (Photos)

Check out a video of Jack Black and his now-grown-up stars performing the movie's signature song in Austin.

This 10-year reunion really rocked.

The cast of the beloved school music comedy School of Rock reunited Thursday night, almost a decade after the movie first hit theaters.

The Jack Black starrer went on to earn $131.3 million worldwide and launched the career of iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove, who had a breakthrough role as precocious band manager Summer Hathaway.

Cosgrove documented the cast get-together in Austin, Texas, on Instagram (photos embedded below).

"10-year 'School of Rock' reunion! Sooo good to see everyone," she wrote.

The actress also posted a photo of what she and her young castmates looked like when they were kids:

The Austin Film Society event featured a screening of the film, in which Black poses as a substitute teacher and turns his prep-school students into a rock band, and a performance of the film's signature song, "School of Rock." Director Richard Linklater and writer/co-star Mike White were also in attendance.

Check out an Instagram video of the performance below