Schulz takes reins at SevenOne

Pro7Sat1 brings sales division under tighter control

COLOGNE, Germany -- Troubled European broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 is tightening its control over its sales division SevenOne Media, with ProSieben sales and marketing head Klaus-Peter Schulz taking over direct management of the operation. Current SevenOne boss Michael Krautwald has resigned.

ProSieben’s sales this year have been miserable, less due to a slowdown in the German economy than to a new advertising model that was rejected by the group’s clients.

Schulz was given the task of cleaning up the mess when he took over from ousted sales and marketing boss Peter Christman. Now Schulz will have hands-on control of SevenOne, ProSieben’s on-air and online ad booking agency.

The division is Germany’s largest television ad sales company, with a 41% share of the market.