Sci Fi Channel morphs into Syfy

Rebranding kicks off Tuesday with New York event

NEW YORK -- The Sci Fi Channel is now Syfy.

The rebranding -- same pronunciation, new spelling -- marks the NBC Universal network's effort to broaden its programming beyond the science fiction genre, and the network officially kicked off the new phase of its life here Tuesday.

"The new Syfy brand embraces the new media landscape," said president David Howe Tuesday in unveiling the Syfy Imagination Park in Rockefeller Center.

Open until July 12, the outdoor space offers free "Wyfy" (Wi-Fi) and sleek seating.

Visitors are also invited to view the Syfy brand film "House of Imagination," which features cast members from current programs. The film, as well as behind-the-scenes footage are also available online at

On hand for the Tuesday morning event was such Syfy show talent as Joe Morton ("Eureka"), Josh Gates ("Destination Truth") and Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly who star in "Warehouse 13," which premieres Tuesday. The fantasy-action series features two Secret Service agents stationed at the secret Warehouse 13, where various supernatural objects and relics seized by the government are stored.

Other Syfy shows premiering this week include "Ghost Hunters International" and "Eureka," which returns for its fourth season.