Can the Sci-Fi Flick 'The Core' Explain Mysterious Global Bird Deaths?

Eerie similarities between freakish news reports and Aaron Eckhart's near-forgotten film prompt apocalyptic predictions.

In a real-life case of stranger-than-fiction, a recent string of strange natural occurrences has left people looking to Hollywood for explanations.

Conspirators note that the past few weeks’ increasingly puzzling events --  most recently, flocks of dead birds plummeting from the sky in Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky and Sweden -- mirror warning signs in the disaster movie The Core.
In the 2003 film starring Aaron Eckhart, the US government designs a secret earthquake weapon that stops the earth’s core from spinning, creating discrepancies in the earth’s magnetic field that result in, among other phenomena, bizarre bird behavior around the world.
Eckhart, whose performance in Rabbit Hole is generating Oscar buzz, plays a geologist who travels to the earth’s core to set it back in motion.
Some claim the unusual parallels between the film and real life prove that the 2012 apocalypse is beginning to unfold.
One reader of Australia’s The Daily Telegraph newspaper commented, “This is just like what happened in the movie The Core. Dead birds are just the start. The world is falling apart. I see no hope.”
Scientists, however, insist the incidents are largely isolated, citing stress caused by fireworks, power line collisions and unusually cold weather as reasons for the high volume of avian deaths.