Sci-Tech smiles on Kodak


Eastman Kodak will receive an Academy Award of Merit for its development of photographic emulsion technologies used in its Vision2 color negative films at the Scientific and Technical Academy Awards.

A total of 10 technologies — including six for fluid-simulation developments that enable computer-generated water, smoke and explosions — will be recognized at the Feb. 9 ceremony at the Beverly Wilshire.

As digital technology has marched forward, Kodak has maintained its position to continue the development of film. This year, Kodak's technologies are being honored for breakthroughs in film speed, grain and sharpness. The company will receive an Oscar statuette.

Also in the area of film development, Jonathan Erland will receive the Award of Commendation for his leadership and efforts toward identifying and solving the problem of high-speed emulsion stress syndrome in motion picture film stock.

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