Scientologist Kelly Preston: What It Was Like Performing a ‘Silent Birth’

She says her kids are "very calm, very peaceful" because she avoided talking when giving birth.


In an interview on NBC's Today show Wednesday, Kelly Preston opened up about performing a "silent birth" when she welcomed son Benjamin last November (the style of birth is commonly practiced in her Scientology religion).
"Everyone attending the birth should refrain from spoken words as much as possible ... chatty doctors and nurses, shouts to 'PUSH, PUSH' and loud or laughing remarks to 'encourage' are avoided," she said.
"It's just no words as much as possible," she went on. "If you need to moan, if you cry out or all of that, of course, is normal. But just bringing them in as peaceful and gentle a way as possible."
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard "found that the single source of aberration, of psychosomatic illnesses, stress, fears, worry, things like that, have to do with the reactive mind, and in that part of the mind is different words and commands that can come back to affect you later in your life," she went on.
Preston - who has a daughter, Ella, 10, with husband John Travolta (their son Jett died tragically at age 16 in 2009) - said the silent birth technique has helped all of her children grow.
"My kids have always been amazing," she said. "Just very calm, very peaceful, happy and I absolutely know it's very much because of that."