Scientology Magazine Hiring Investigative Reporters

Freedom seeks L.A.-based journalists one week after Leah Remini cuts ties with the church.

Freedom, the magazine published by the Church of Scientology, is hiring investigative reporters.

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A new job listing, posted to website, says the publication is seeking Los Angeles-based journalists for assignments based in the city.

Applicants are asked to send along their résumés to a Freedom e-mail address. The news comes just one week after another celebrity adherent, King of Queens star Leah Reminicut ties with the church.

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The magazine's website currently features a Freedom cover story from 2011, "The Posse of Lunatics," billed as an exposé of "a handful of not so self-respecting journalists" who "ran with apocryphal tales" about the religion.

Among the people targeted in the story are Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder, both former Scientologists who now are among the church's most outspoken critics.