Scooter Braun Launching At-Home Fitness Brand with Rumble

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It's the latest launch from the prolific producer.

Watch out SoulCycle: Heavyweight Hollywood manager Scooter Braun is making a new move.

The guiding force behind Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Usher, Kanye West and many more is launching a new digital fitness experience with Rumble, the company responsible for the boxing fitness classes beloved by him and his clients.

Called At-Home 360, the project will stream digital programming (a.k.a. workout videos) featuring celebrity trainers and offer at-home fitness equipment and branded gear. It will also include a talent management division, with Braun's SB Projects representing elite Rumble trainers. Braun will help facilitate opportunities for those trainers in the entertainment and branding space. 

“Rumble is the most disruptive brand to emerge in the fitness industry in the last decade. When matched with what we have created at SB Projects, Rumble will be the perfect storm of digital fitness and entertainment,” Braun said in a statement.

Stars including Bieber (and his new fiancee Hailey Baldwin), Kendall Jenner, David Beckham and Kevin Hart participate in Rumble’s 45-minute boxing and conditioning classes in West Hollywood, New York City and other locations. Alison Brie has also gotten in some punches between shooting scenes for the Netflix series GLOW. Rumble is launching a new treadmill-based class in 2019.


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“I’ve known Scooter for years and he’s an amazing developer of both, content and talent. Together, we will redefine what it means to work out at home,” said Rumble co-founder Eugene Remm. Braun's COO Scott Manson is also helping with the new endeavor.

Braun founded SB Projects in 2007 and has since invested in Pinterest, Spotify and Uber, as well as ventured into film producing with Scorpion and The Giver. He launched his own production company, Mythos Studios, with former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel. And in June, he teamed with reality television executive J.D. Roth to create GoodStory Entertainment and focus on unscripted programs, events and documentaries.

Looks like Braun is now adding athletic clients to his growing entertainment roster. A one-two punch, indeed.