Scott Baio to Liberal Celebrities: "Sorry You Have to Move to Canada"

Scott Baio RNC - H 2016
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "Canada" and an image of a maple leaf, Baio tells Lena Dunham and others: "You can pick these up in any gift shop in Canada and wear them proudly."

MSNBC has a new fan: Scott Baio, who cut a video Tuesday promising his fellow conservatives that the liberal news outlet has become must-watch TV since Donald Trump was elected president.

"I promise you something," Baio says in a new Facebook video, "if you want to watch the best television that's on television right now, watch MSNBC. You'll have a ball. It's amazing. The crying, the literal crying, the anger, the rage."

Baio, arguably Trump's most passionate supporter in Hollywood, also excoriates those who are rioting over the Republican's victory, and he mocks the numerous celebrities who promised to leave the country should the Republican prevail over Democrat Hillary Clinton, which he did on Nov. 8.

Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with "Canada" and an image of a maple leaf, Baio tells Lena Dunham and others:  "You can pick these up in any gift shop in Canada and wear them proudly."

"And, by the way," he continues, "what's wrong with Mexico? The weather's nicer in Mexico. They have beaches and stuff. Why don't you guys go there? But, anyway, this is for Lena. Lena, goodbye. Goodbye. Sorry you have to move to Canada."

Baio references MSNBC and CNN segments, both of which attack Stephen Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart News who was named Trump's senior counselor on Monday. Baio gives Breitbart senior editor Joel Pollak the thumbs-up for adequately defending his boss. 

And on Live With Stephanie Ruhle, the host notes how close both Bannon and allegedly alt-right radio host Alex Jones are to Trump, then asks Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer, "How are you going to make us feel comfortable and safe?"

Baio says the question is ridiculous, given there are winners and losers in every election, and he mocks the trend of people wearing safety pins on their clothing to symbolize themselves as safe spaces in the allegedly xenophobic era of Trump. 

"We, conservatives and Republicans, sucked it up, we took it on the chin, we ate it," when Barack Obama won the presidency twice, he says. "We didn't have cry-ins, we didn't need dogs and puppies to hold, we didn't need a safety pin on somebody's shirt to show they were a safe person. We didn't need any of that."

At one point, Baio references some background noise and quips: "You're hearing chainsaws because people are probably going back to work in America now."

About the media's treatment of anti-Trump rioters, he says: "If this were the other way around ... and these were Tea Party people ... you'd have been ripping them."

"They're crybabies and they're losers. Period," Baio says of the politicians and media personalities who aren't sufficiently condemning riots.

Since it's a Facebook Live appearance, Baio takes a few questions, one asking whether he'd like a cabinet or staff position with Trump. "I would like to be the ambassador to golf and cigars," he jokes.