Scott Pelley Signs Off on 'CBS Evening News': "Goodbye and Good Luck"

Sonja Flemming/CBS

"This is my last broadcast at the 'CBS Evening News.' We hope this has been something of a lighthouse for you to help you with your bearings in a stormy world."

Scott Pelley said goodbye to his CBS Evening News viewers for the final time on Friday.

"This is my last broadcast at the CBS Evening News. We hope this has been something of a lighthouse for you to help you with your bearings in a stormy world. To the men and women of CBS News, my profound gratitude."

He went on to quote James Madison, who said, "Freedom of the press is the right that guarantees all the others."

"The stakes are that high, and you are the best we have," Pelley said of his colleagues at CBS News before signing off: "For all of us at CBS News all around the world, goodbye and good luck."

Pelley was reportedly pushed out of his role at the show last month and had arranged for his office to be cleaned out while away. The news of Pelley's exit has long been rumored, as CBS Evening News lagged in ratings.

The anchor will move to a full-time position at 60 Minutes, while Anthony Mason, who has filled in for Pelley before, was announced as the interim anchor to replace him. Mason, a 30-year veteran at CBS, is currently the co-host of the Saturday edition of CBS This Morning and the senior national correspondent at the network.

Pelley had previously addressed his exit in a statement: "I find my heart filled with gratitude for the opportunity to know you, humility, in light of your sacrifices, and hope for the future of journalism because of the standards you live by. CBS has been great to me for nearly 30 years. I’m glad to accept this assignment with continuing gratitude."

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