Scott Rudin closes book on 'Reader'

Producer walks away from film, will not be credited

NEW YORK -- In another curious twist to an already bizarre case, Scott Rudin has walked away from "The Reader" and will no longer be involved with The Weinstein Co.'s December release.

It also looks as if he will not be credited as a producer on the Stephen Daldry period romantic-drama starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes, though there was no official word at press time.

Donna Gigliotti remains as a producer on the film, with the late Anthony Minghella and the late Sydney Pollack also credited as producers.

Rudin's move -- coming several weeks after Rudin and Harvey Weinstein claimed to bury the hatchet -- appeared to take the Weinstein Co. by surprise.

"Reader," which Daldry is finishing in post, had been the subject of a contentious battle between Weinstein and Rudin, with Rudin pushing for an '09 release. But Rudin and Weinstein seemed to reach an accommodation on the '08 release, with Rudin securing more postproduction support for Daldry and the film.

A Weinstein Co. spokeswoman said late Thursday that postproduction was moving ahead on schedule. A Rudin spokesperson did not respond for comment.