Scott Sternberg Is Giving His Parents a Banana-Shaped Bong For the Holidays

The Band of Outsiders helmer is bringing his family true holiday cheer.

This holiday season, Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg can't be bothered to give his mother a new bathrobe or buy pops a new grill. The L.A.-based clothier, who just opened his first New York boutique in September, is giving his parents marijuana paraphernalia. But not just any marijuana paraphernalia, but a pipe shaped like a banana that also doubles as art

"I feel like [my parents] are at the point in their life when they should be smoking a ton of weed," the designer tells Pret-a-Reporter of his unique (and super rad) gift choice. 

Well there you have it. Pick up your own $125 banana bong sculpture, here.