Scrawl, MDAS ink co-production deal

Five prods. to be available to int'l buyers within five years

Asian players are bent on boosting their local TV animation industry.

At MIPTV on Tuesday, Singapore animation company Scrawl Studios, in collaboration with the Media Development Authority of Singapore, unveiled five co-production deals worth $14 million.

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The co-productions will involve international partners from Canada, France and Taiwan and the plan is to have all five done and available to international buyers within five years.

Another Singapore-based company, Tiny Island Productions, is hooking up with Thai-based company Shellhut Entertainment to co-produce a 3D CG-animated film, targeted for release in 2012. The 90-minute feature is based on a TV series called "Shelldon," created by Shellhut Entertainment. Season one of that series, released last year, has aired on various broadcasters in Europe, and home video deals are in place for the show in many territories.
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