Screen Australia revises co-pro guidelines

New credits and finance accessibility updated

SYDNEY -- Screen Australia has revised its co-production guidelines with a more flexible approach to its points system, the organization’s head of strategy and operations Fiona Cameron announced at the MIPCOM TV market Tuesday.

Under the new guidelines, the points system has been expanded to include credits for heads of department including VFX supervisors, costume designers, sound designers and, in the context of animation, the key model designer. 

Other key changes include recognition of non-party writers, subject to the terms of the relevant treaty or memorandum of understanding; SA providing a preliminary compliance letter to provide support when accessing finance and the introduction of greater expenditure flexibility relative to finance. 

Official co-productions also automatically get access to Australia’s producer offset, providing a tax rebate of 40% for qualifying feature films and 20% for TV and documentaries. 
 With the aim of encouraging more production in Australia, Cameron said ‘We have deliberately revised our guidelines for official co-productions with the objective of being more flexible”. 

“Co-productions give Australian film and television makers, Australian actors, crew and creative teams opportunities to connect globally and take great stories to international audiences.”

“Australia has a world class screen production industry and we don’t want to be hiding it under a bushel,” she added. 

Australia currently has official co-production treaties with the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Singapore and China and memoranda of understanding with France and New Zealand.
 The new co-production guidelines for both film and TV projects come into effect immediately and comes ahead of Ausfilm’s Australia Week trade mission to the U.S. later this month.