Also Screening at SXSW

Property of Anchor Bay Films

A round-up of other films screening at this year's South By Southwwest festival in Austin.

Fat Kid Rules the World
Directed by Matthew Lillard (Whitewater Films)

Punk rocker Marcus (Matt O'Leary) saves a plus-size kid (Jacob Wysocki) from suicide, then extracts cash by promising to make him the drummer of his band. Wysocki's performance is sensitive, but he needs a stronger catalyst for his changes than O'Leary.

Seeking Justice
Directed by Roger Donaldson (Anchor Bay)

In a goofy little thriller that jettisons logic any time it interferes with squeezing in more paranoia, Nicolas Cage plays a schoolteacher whose wife (January Jones) is raped. Guy Pearce offers to kill the rapist if Cage promises to do some undetermined, probably minor (yeah, right) favor in the future. The film has a low-rent vibe and no panache or cleverness.

The Babymakers
Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (Blumhouse, Automatik, Duck Attack)

Paul Schneider breaks into a sperm bank when he and wife Olivia Munn can't conceive, despite his frantic insemination efforts. Sounds like a juvenile gross-out, but it's a funny caper comedy, the best shot yet at mainstream success by the director of a Super Troopers.

Nature Calls
Directed by Todd Rohal (Troop 41 Productions)

Boy Scout leader Patton Oswalt kidnaps kids for a survivalist campout and is pursued by his brother (Johnny Knoxville). Darrell Hammond is amusing as an intimidating park ranger. But unsubtle characterization and a mid-film death will make some viewers check out.

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