'Sea Rex' goes to 3D Entertainment

Set to be released in Imax theaters

3D Entertainment has acquired worldwide distribution rights to "Sea Rex 3D," directed and written by Pascal Vuong and Ronan Chapalain. 3D Entertainment will co-produce the 40-minute film with Paris-based N3D LAND Prods., which initiated the project four years ago.

It is slated for release in 3D and 2D at Imax theaters, with staggered openings in the spring in North America and it will then move on to Europe and Asia.

Through a combination of CGI animation and real sea landscapes, the film promises photo-realistic scenes of life during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. It also explores the continental drift theory and pays tribute to the first discoverers of a science founded 200 years ago by naturalist and zoologist Georges Cuvier.

Francois Mantello, chairman and CEO of 3D Entertainment, said the acquisition "marks a new step for our company as it is the first time we have acquired the rights to a film produced primarily by a third party, thus reaffirming our commitment to becoming a prominent distributor in the Imax theater industry."

The film is produced by N3D LAND Prods.' Catherine Vuong and Mantello and features an original score by Frank Marchal.

A teaser clip will be unveiled at the Indiana State Museum's Imax 3D Theatre and Cincinnati Museum Center's Imax Dome Theatre during the Giant Screen Cinema Assn.'s annual conference in Indianapolis from Sept. 21-23.