Sean Combs' REVOLT Launches "Vote or Die!" Campaign With Young Voters Study, TV Episodes

Sean "P Diddy" Combs
Alberto Tamargo/Getty Images)

Tee shirts will again be disseminated to stars.

Sean "Diddy" Combs has relaunched his "Vote or Die!" campaign for the 2020 presidential election, with a slew of new initiatives (and, yes, new tee shirts) aimed at persuading Americans to do their civic duty.

Launched in partnership with hip-hop network Revolt TV, the "Vote or Die!" 2020 campaign kicked off on Sept. 24 with a town hall, "State of Emergency: Election Day and Black America," featuring Kerry Washington and Dr. Cornel West as speakers, among others. Earlier in October, Revolt released a shortform series on voter suppression among Black voters and a multi-state marketing campaign. Coming up, the campaign will be releasing a study on Generation Z voters and infuse 2020's Revolt Summit and the event ONE Musicfest with voter education.

Influencers and stars will also be receiving "Vote or Die!" merch, naturally. Revolt plans on producing profiles of politically-engaged public figures wearing the tee shirt, as stars including Paris Hilton, Alicia Keys, Hulk Hogan and The Game did previously.

Revolt TV chief operating officer Detavio Samuels says in a statement, "When you talk to youth in Gen Y and Gen Z, it is clear they feel the older generations have failed them in a lot of ways. Whether it be our nation's current stance on police brutality, systemic racism, gun control, climate change or LGBTQ rights, the younger generation wants change. Vote or Die is here to remind them that issues related to their survival will be determined by the people they put in office this election season.”

Combs first launched the campaign in 2004 prior to the presidential contest between then-candidates George Bush and John Kerry to make voting "cool" for young and minority voters. With a nonpartisan group called Citizen Change, Combs toured various U.S. cities, joining fellow stars to encourage young people to vote, and produced tees bearing the "Vote or Die!" slogan.

Following the 2004 effort, however, the campaign went quiet for the 2008 presidential election (although Combs did shout "Obama or die!" in 2008 at a music awards ceremony), the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections (he told the Associated Press he considered renewing the campaign for the latter).

Fashion label Pyer Moss began selling a "Vote or Die!" tee shirt in September to benefit Rock the Vote. LeBron James also wore a "Vote or Die!" shirt to an L.A. Lakers practice last month.