Sean Connery's 'Untouchables' Oscar Acceptance Speech Was Short — And Hilarious

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Sean Connery and Kevin Costner in 'The Untouchables.'

The legendary actor died Saturday. He was 90.

Sean Connery won his first and only Oscar in 1988 for his iconic role in The Untouchables. His speech was fairly short, charming — and hilarious.

The legendary actor died Saturday. He was 90.

At the 60th Academy Awards, Connery noted it was only the second time he attended the ceremony. The previous time was 30 years prior. "Patience truly is a virtue," he quipped.

Connery then had the room rolling when he talked about his plans for the award.

"In winning this award, it creates a certain dilemma because I had decided that if I had the good fortune to win, that I would give it to my wife, who deserves it. But, this evening, I discovered backstage that they're worth $15,000 — now I am not so sure," he joked. "Micheline, I am only kidding. It's yours."

Connery added that if the award came with a wish, his would be for the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike to end, which it did on Aug. 7 of that year.

Watch Connery's speech below.