Sean Hannity Criticizes N.Y. Times for Choosing "Angry" Photo of Him

Sean Hannity_Getty - H 2016
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Sean Hannity_Getty - H 2016

The Fox News star wasn't happy with how he looked on The New York Times Magazine.

Fox News host Sean Hannity got the glossy treatment in the Dec. 3 edition of The New York Times Magazine, and while he didn't seem to object strongly to the content of the article, he was peeved by the magazine's decision to run a cover photo of him looking angry.

"My staff is upset about it," he said on his radio show Tuesday afternoon. "People at Fox are upset about it. The New York Times goes for anger, and that's exactly what they did."

Hannity said the "liberal media" always portrays conservatives as "angry," so he said the cover photo choice is "so predictable."

"Did The New York Times do this on purpose because that's the way they want to portray conservatives? That's the question," he said, suggesting that it confirms what many conservatives already think about the way the media thinks of them.

Hannity said the photographer, Christopher Griffith, was nice, but picked the worst photo of him. The online version of the article features a three-photo panel, showing Hannity with multiple expressions.

He then slyly admitted to have some role in the photo selection. "You want to know the truth? I gave them that picture," he said.

Hannity also objected to the article's headline: "How Far Will Sean Hannity Go?" Hannity said on his show, "What does that mean? How far I'm going to go in my career? ... Does it mean how far will Hannity go before he falls? I mean, what is the point here?"

The article itself was fairly even-handed, portraying Hannity as a radio and television virtuoso who has amassed a massive audience (including President Donald Trump) while piling up criticisms from liberal media-watchers. The author of the story, Matthew Shaer, gave Hannity's friends Geraldo Rivera and John Gomez space to sing his praises, and he traveled with Hannity to his childhood home in Long Island.

A New York Times spokesperson responded to Hannity's comments on Tuesday: "Our photography team was delighted by how energetic and animated Sean Hannity was at the photo shoot. As for Hannity's objection to conservatives being portrayed as angry, he told our writer, Matthew Shaer, that his own approach on both TV and radio is as follows: 'My thoughts are the same: I'm mad.'"

In the Times story, Hannity was asked about the allegations of sexual misconduct that helped sink Roger Ailes' career at Fox News. "Do I believe everything that was said? No," Hannity said. "Do I think maybe some of it is true? Maybe. But if you assume for a second some of it was true, that’s a side of him I never knew, never saw.” 

Nov. 28, 2:15 p.m. Updated to include the Times' response.