Sean Hannity Defends Fox News' Bill Shine, Fearing the "End of the FNC As We Know It"

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Sean Hannity (left), Bill Shine

"#Istandwithshine," the Fox News host tweeted in support of his longtime friend and current boss.

Fox News host Sean Hannity has taken to Twitter to defend network co-president Bill Shine.

Hannity on Thursday responded to New York Magazine editor Gabriel Sherman, who reported that Shine had recently met with network executives and asked for support in the wake of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's ouster and the current scandals surrounding the news network, but that they had refused to do so. Fox News later denied the report. Shine stated through an official Fox News spokesperson that denied personally going to James and Lachlan for a statement. A spokesman for the Murdochs also said Shine did not directly ask for a statement.

"I pray this is NOT true because if it is, that's the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done," Hannity wrote in a tweet. 

He went on to cryptically allude to potential high-level dealings taking place at the network, once again directing his tweets at Sherman. 

Finally, Hannity showed his support for Shine, who came to Fox News originally as a producer on Hannity's show, Hannity and Colmes, in 1996. "#Istandwithshine," he tweeted, after previously using a different hashtag, #Istandwithbill, which could have been misconstrued as support of O'Reilly.