Sean Hannity Makes Closing Case for Donald Trump Ahead of Midterms

Hannity-Trump-Getty-H 2018
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"Mr. President, good luck," Hannity told the president in an interview before a campaign rally in Missouri.

Fox News host Sean Hannity did his best on Monday night to sell President Donald Trump's Republican Party to his millions of viewers on the eve of Tuesday's midterm elections.

He began his show, filmed live at a Make America Great Again rally in Missouri, by listing the president's accomplishments and repeating one of Trump's campaign slogans, "Promises Made, Promises Kept," several times.

Trump gave Hannity a few minutes of his time before rallying the crowd for what Fox News billed as an interview but came off more like a pump-up session between good friends (which the two are).

Hannity was forced, earlier in the day, to clarify the nature of his appearance at the rally. The Trump campaign had billed Hannity as a "special guest," along with Rush Limbaugh, but a Fox News spokesperson said he was there as an interviewer.

But Hannity chose not to interview the president, instead giving him opportunities to sell his message to Hannity's viewers.

Rather than ask him a final question, Hannity asked Trump what he wanted to tell the audience in the final 90 seconds they had left.

At the end of their brief appearance together, Hannity showed his true colors, congratulating him on his campaign efforts. "Mr. President, good luck," Hannity told him. "You left it all on the field and that's how it should be."

While Hannity has pushed back on reports of his closeness with the president, he told his viewers on Monday night of a phone call he placed to Trump on Election Day in 2016, when it seemed like his friend was going to lose. 

Seeking to psych him up, Hannity told Trump, "Polls don't mean anything. All that matters is tomorrow."

Trump, of course, returned the favor, complimenting Hannity and telling him that he never misses his opening monologue on Fox News. "I would never do that," the president said.

Monday night was not a one-man show, however. Judge Jeanine Pirro, another Fox News host, joined Hannity on set at the rally, describing the atmosphere in the room as akin to a rock concert. And, after finishing his brief chat with the president, Hannity let Trump say hello to Hannity's colleague, another friend of the president, host Laura Ingraham.