Sean Hannity Outlines Film Ambitions: "I Sunk a Lot of Money in This" (Q&A)

Sean Hannity_Getty - H 2016
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Sean Hannity_Getty - H 2016

The Fox News anchor is exec producing 'Let There Be Light,' about a renowned atheist grappling with possible death.

Sean Hannity is broadening his horizons beyond conservative commentary by executive producing (and largely bankrolling) a $3 million movie with Kevin Sorbo called Let There Be Light, about a renowned atheist grappling with possible death. The Fox News star also hints at more plans in film and also television, and he weighs in on how his competitors are covering  President-elect Donald Trump.

So you’re a filmmaker now?

I’ve been friends with Kevin for a long time and I told him if he ever had the right project I’d be interested. Within three minutes after the pitch, I was in.

How’s the film?

I’ve been showing the first cut to friends and in every case they laughed, they cried, and they don’t know I’m involved until they see me in it. The script is phenomenal. It’s not a $100 million movie, but it’s as good as one.

Why delve into film?

I’ve done radio, TV, stand-up and even Broadway over 30 years. You can make a point on TV just by making a face, but the most powerful media is movies and music. I’ve never made anyone cry by making a speech. This movie, it’s like watching a Garth Brooks, or Kenny Chesney, or Brooks & Dunn concert. It’s exciting and moving.

So you’re in it?

I play a small role. It took me 25 takes. It was hard. I don’t do stuff like this. Sam (Sorbo) cries in every scene she’s in. I don’t know how she does that. And Dionne Warwick wrote a great score for the movie, and Travis Tritt is in it, too.

Any more movies in store for you?

I sunk a lot of money in this one so I have to see, but I am so confident in this project, so yes. The biggest complaint I have about Hollywood — and I love Spider-Man and the Bourne movies and all that — is that it doesn’t touch hearts in relatable, real-life ways anymore. There is no way you can watch this movie and not be moved, and that’s what’s missing in most movies today.

What’s the theme?

Redemption, but also romance. The opening scene is a big debate between an atheist and a believer, and it’s powerful.

Any politics in the movie?

It’s not what you’d expect from me. There’s zero politics. There is controversy and debate, sure, but I actually think of it as a love story. Plus, there’s a hot Russian model in it.

Who’s that?

You’ll have to watch the movie. I’ve already given away too much. I don’t want people to just read your article and figure they don’t need to see the movie!

Are you thinking about getting into TV the same way you’re delving into film?

Why not? But I wouldn’t want to put crap on — there’s enough of that. How many more cartoons do we need to turn into live action? But I love the great old shows like The Honeymooners and All in the Family. Are we so politically correct that we can’t laugh at Archie Bunker anymore?

Let’s go off-topic. How do you think the news media is treating President-elect Donald Trump so far?

Horribly. The media has been wrong the entire time and it is still wrong. Look at what happened when Trump spoke last night — the whole crowd was chanting that the media sucks. It was hilarious. And they’re right, the media does suck.

Anyone in particular suck?

I was watching somebody the other night calling the election of Trump a “national emergency.” I thought, "Grow up!" I wasn’t crazy about Obama’s presidency, but I didn’t need hot cocoa and crayons to deal with it.

Who was calling it a “national emergency?”

Someone on CNN, of course, the Clinton News Network.

So what’s your advice to the media covering Trump?

Look, Wikileaks exposed a lot of corruption and collusion between the Democrats and the media. You have Martha Raddatz crying about the election, George Stephanopoulos in the pocket of the Clintons and so many more examples of bias. America is hip to it, and viewers won’t put up with it. There are too many choices now. People don’t need the mainstream media like they used to. If I were Trump, I’d tell the media to pound sand.

You get along with Megyn Kelly? Will she stay at Fox?

We get along great. I have no insider knowledge about what she’ll do, only what I read, and I don’t believe half of it. No one asks my opinion, but I’d like her to stay. Look, she needs to make a decision just like I made a decision: I love Fox News. I love my slot. I have a very strong opinion show and, in fact, I’m the only TV host in America who identifies himself as a conservative.