Sean Hannity Keeps Up Scorched Earth Anti-Kimmel Crusade

On his radio show, Hannity called Kimmel "Harvey Weinstein Jr." and said he's going to show more clips from 'The Man Show' on Fox News on Friday night.

Sean Hannity used his radio show on Friday afternoon to escalate his feud with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, which began earlier in the week when Kimmel joked about Melania Trump and her Slovenian accent in a segment on his show.

After spending the morning fighting with Kimmel on Twitter, Hannity took to radio and called him "a bully" and a "moralist, sitting on his high horse, lecturing everybody on what's right and what's wrong."

He said it was unfair of Kimmel to criticize Trump, who he said is unable to defend herself. "The first lady of the United States is not going to get into a feud with a late-night, low-rated talk show host like Jimmy Kimmel," he said. "She can't. If she does, it's not going to end well for her. So, he knows he has a free, open target."

Again, Hannity criticized Kimmel for his behavior in segments from the early-aughts Comedy Central series The Man Show, calling him "Harvey Weinstein Jr."

"He has some issues that are kind of perverted or downright creepy," Hannity told his listeners. "In the day and age of Harvey Weinstein, to watch a talk show host run around and having women guessing what's in his pants, telling them to grab his crotch and put their mouth on it, is just creepy to me."

Hannity, in Trumpian fashion, also criticized Kimmel's ratings. "Oh man, I didn't know we beat him so bad on a nightly basis," he said.

Hannity said he plans to show embarrassing clips from The Man Show on his Fox News show on Friday night. "I'm going to play it all, tonight," he said. But, he stopped short of calling for an advertiser boycott on Kimmel's show, saying he never supports such efforts.

Kimmel defended himself on Twitter on Friday. "Thank goodness we have kind, tolerant men like you to protect this nation from bullies," he told Hannity.