Sean Kingston Opens Up About Jet-Ski Accident, Heart Surgery (Video)

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

"I think my work is not done," he said on "The Today Show."

Sean Kingston talked on The Today Show about his jet ski accident, and recovering from the near-death accident. The singer was filmed in Miami, taking viewers and reporter Natalie Morales to the place where he had the accident.

“I think my work is not done. I think it feels like I need more time here,” said Kingston of his recovery from the accident.

In May, Kingston was in a jet ski accident in Miami. His jet ski slammed into a bridge, catapulting him and his passenger – a female friend – into the water. Kingston says he was knocked unconscious when he hit the bridge.

STORY: Sean Kingston Hospitalized After Jet Ski Crash

Kingston was taken to the hospital in critical condition. After 11 days, it seemed he was getting better, but then he felt a pain in his chest. He had a torn aorta, and had to have emergency open heart surgery.

Kingston was told that many people who underwent a similar surgery did not survive. “I had a lot of pain,” said Kingston. “When we went to go visit my surgeon he told me, ‘You had a guardian angel that day.’ ”

In the video, Kingston also meets with the off-duty coast guard rescuer who helped save him that day.

“It’s a blessing,” he said “I'm blessed to overcome the tragic situation.”

Kingston, who is now focused on his recovery, recently told MTV that he hopes to release a single by December. He recently performed on stage for the first time during the Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears Femme Fetale tour stop.