Sean Penn and El Chapo Dominating the News In Mexico

Associated Press
El Chapo

Television, radio and newspapers were going non-stop this weekend both mocking and praising the two-time Oscar winner's role in the arrest of the drug lord.

News of Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman's arrest and his Rolling Stone interview with Sean Penn has everyone abuzz in Mexico.

The story has become so huge that the Mexican daily El Universal has dedicated several dozen articles on El Chapo's arrest Friday, including reaction pieces and detailed information about Penn's now-infamous interview with Guzman.

El Universal even has a special memes section dedicated to El Chapo, which, among other images, features a picture of Better Call Saul's Saul Goodman on the phone with a Spanish-language caption below reading, "Chapo, I'm on my way!"

Meanwhile, networks Televisa and TV Azteca have been interrupting their regularly scheduled programming as new details come to light following El Chapo's arrest in the northern state of Sinaloa. The biggest story following the arrest, of course, was two-time Oscar winner Penn's role in the blockbuster story, which came to light on Saturday night.

The interview has prompted a slew of reactions on social-media sites. Media expert Raul Trejo criticized Penn and Rolling Stone for seeking Guzman's approval before publication. "What kind of self-respecting journalist does that?" he asked.

Mexico security analyst Alejandro Hope said Guzman's answers were dull because Penn's questions were terrible.

Columnists in Mexico have voiced mixed reactions about El Chapo's arrest. Some opinion columns have a congratulatory tone for putting Mexico's most notorious narco boss behind bars, while others are critical of the fact that it took an interview by a Hollywood star for authorities to determine the exact whereabouts of Guzman.

His dramatic prison break from a maximum-security facility in July likewise drew wide local and international coverage.