Sean Penn Joins Demonstrators in Egypt

AFP/Getty Images

The Oscar-winning actor joins thousands of activists in Cairo to call for the peaceful handover of the government to civilians.

Sean Penn marched with thousands of Egyptian activists, including Egyptian actor Khaled el-Nabawi, during a demonstration in downtown Cairo on Friday. The demonstrators are calling for the current military rulers of the country to speed up the transition to a civilian government.

The demonstrators in the "Reclaiming the Revolution" protests are also calling for the end of emergency laws that were enacted by former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, Reuters reports.

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In a statement reported by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Penn said, "The world is inspired by the call for freedom by the courageous revolution of Egypt for its freedom. Clearly that is not a completion overnight, there are still struggles forward, there are constitutional issues, there is ... a transition of power from the military to the people."

Penn is in Egypt at the invitation of Nabawi, who has said he wants to show the world that Egypt is safe, despite the uprising.

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The country's military rulers have warned demonstrators not to attack public facilities, but so far soldiers have kept their distance from the heart of the demonstrations in Cairo.