Hollywood Film Awards: Sean Penn Praises Julia Roberts' Sexy Onscreen Eating (Video)

Mark Davis/Getty Images
Sean Penn

The actor delivers a seven-minute ode to the "otherworldly talent" of this year's supporting actress award winner.

Sean Penn was one of the many big stars who presented at the 2013 Hollywood Film Awards Monday night, bestowing this year's supporting actress award on Julia Roberts for her work in August: Osage County.

After beginning with, "Is 'Sorry I've been rambling so much,' a bad way to start a speech?" Penn delivered a seven-minute ode to Roberts, in which he praised Roberts' multifaceted talent as well as screenwriter Tracy Letts' script, suggesting that without August: Osage County's wonderful writing, Roberts' abilities might not have been evident.

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"I am here to acknowledge that which is perhaps too often taken for granted: the otherworldly talent of a colleague who also happens to be a big, rockin' movie star. One of the luminous ones among us," Penn said.

"In the words of William Saroyan, she is that which shines and is beyond corruption," he added. "One of a select group of actresses who can make onscreen eating sexy or make us weep with a heartfelt blast. I won't even go into the arsenal of her laughter."

The actor then delivered an extended rumination on her sexy onscreen eating, in which he described his "personal fantasy" of watching a 3D movie of her dining and being able to pick morsels out of her teeth via a virtual toothpick.

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"I want her to make an eating movie in 3D but with the interactive supplies not only to include the 3D glasses but also a virtual toothpick with which I could collect souvenirs correcting my insomnia with the comfort of those virtual morsels tucked cozily beneath my pillow," he said.
He also referred to Roberts as both "our prismed rainbow lightning" and "my neighbor."

After Roberts took the stage barefoot, as The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg reported, she said "Well, Jesus, how the f--- do I say anything after that?"

Watch Penn's full speech below.