Sean Penn "Shocked" by El Chapo's Capture

Courtesy of CBS News
Sean Penn speaking with Charlie Rose

The actor tells Charlie Rose, in a portion of their sit-down that didn't air during Sunday night's '60 Minutes,' that after interviewing the Mexican drug lord once, he's interested in talking to him again.

On Monday, CBS This Morning aired even more footage from Charlie Rose's interview with Sean Penn about the actor's controversial meeting with Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

In clips that weren't shown during 60 Minutes, Penn shares his thoughts about the circumstances surrounding El Chapo's capture and reveals why he wants to talk to him again.

The actor, who interviewed El Chapo for an article in Rolling Stone while the drug lord was on the run, said he was "shocked" that El Chapo was captured alive just six months after escaping.

"I was asked did I think he'd let himself be taken alive. My impression was that he would not … I was shocked," said Penn. "I didn't expect him to be captured this quickly. But I did expect that one day I'd hear about a big shootout."

When asked what conclusions he drew from the Mexican government letting El Chapo live, Penn said, "It probably means that despite the incredible corruption, despite the things that I have told you that I feel about the Mexican government, that there's still more good people than bad."

In a second clip that didn't air during 60 Minutes, Penn said he wants to talk to El Chapo again.

"I hope to talk to him again, under whatever circumstances," he said. "While this article had its focus and its intention, I'm interested in asking more."