Second season for 'IFC Media Project'

Gideon Yago hosts documentary series

IFC has ordered a second season of its documentary series "The IFC Media Project,' which goes behind the scenes of how the news gets made.

Hosted by correspondent Gideon Yago, the five episodes will premiere in May and are produced by Meghan O'Hara and Nick McKinney ("The Daily Show," "30 Days").

"This is a truly important series that reveals what's really going on in our world today versus what the news media feeds consumers," O'Hara said. "In the new season we will take our exploration of news media even further as we venture across the globe to get the real stories behind current events, conflicts and disasters that may have made headlines, but the entire story was never told."

Season 2 will cover the conflict in Georgia, the "clean coal" debate and President Barack Obama's press relations and more.