Season for 'Season' is autumn

Film shot in earthquake area of Chengdu, China

SEOUL -- A feature-length melodrama by the Korean helmer Hur Jin-ho ("Christmas in August") will be released in the fall in local theaters, starring Jeong Woo-seong as the male lead.

“Season of Good Rain” (working title), produced by Pancinema Corp. and distributed by N.E.W, finished shooting in May in China and is currently in post-production, the film’s distributor said.

Originally, the film was planned for two separate releases: a full-length feature for local audiences and a condensed version as a segment of an omnibus film “Chengdu I Love You” (or Chengdu Wo Ai Ni) along with Hong Kong director Fruit Chan and Chinese rocker-filmmaker Cui Jian. But Pancinema and the film’s Beijing-based producer Zonbo Media are currently negotiating whether Hur’s film will still be part of the omnibus film.

All three films, inspired by the victims in the earthquake stricken region, were shot in Chengdu. The feature version by Hur is also expecting a Chinese release, separately from the omnibus film.