Sebastian Bach Offered Memoir Deal: 'My Story Is Insanely Insane'

Sebastian Bach Headshot - P 2011
Scott Gries/Getty Images

Sebastian Bach Headshot - P 2011

"I could make [Motley Crue's] 'The Dirt' look clean if I wanted to," says ex-Skid Row singer

Sebastian Bach is thinking about becoming a slave to a different kind of grind soon.

The former Skid Row singer, who's been touring as a solo act since 1996, tells Billboard that he's been approached with "a very nice offer" to write an autobiography -- and he's considering taking pen in hand to do it. "It seems like such an overwhelming project," notes Bach, who nevertheless is confident he has the goods to make the project work.

"Oh, my story is insanely insane," he adds. "I think I could do a hell of a book. I could make [Motley Crue's] The Dirt look clean if I wanted to. Or it could also be a photo book of all the early Skid Row pictures that chicks from the Internet cannot get enough of, the pinups and stuff. Every time I put one of those on my web site, the Internet shuts down. I'd want to write it by myself; I look at Duff McKagen's book, Dee Snider's -- they wrote those by themselves and they're amazing book. The main thing is it has to blow me away before I release it. It has to give me goose bumps or I won't put it out."

Bach says he isn't on a timetable for the book -- and he feels the same way about making a follow-up to his 2011 album Kicking & Screaming, which was Bach's first solo album in five years.

"The record company wants another album right now," he says. "They're very, very happy with Kicking & Screaming; 'Wow, that was killer. Let's do that again right now!' But I've got nothing right now. I'm sorry planet Earth. I think Kicking & Screaming sounds so good I'm in that position of, 'Omigod, how am I gonna top that one?!' Hopefully I'll snap out of that vibe soon, but I don't see right now how I Can put together 13 tunes that are that good. I don't have anything lying around on my hard drive that sounds even close to that, so it's not going to happen any time soon. I wish it would, but it's not an easy thing to do."

Exacerbating the situation, Bach says, is a split with guitarist Nick Sterling, who was his chief songwriting collaborator on Kicking & Screaming. Bach says a combination of legal issues over filming a live TV broadcast earlier this summer as well as Sterling's inability to cross the U.S. border into Canada led to a parting of the ways for the time being.

"He's an incredibly talented musician," Bach says, "but he's very young. Sometimes in this business it's not how talented you are, it's can you get to the airplane on time? Can you be in the lobby at 7 a.m.? Can you make the show? It's the little, simple things like that, being a human, that some of us rock stars aren't so good at. I got him in the band when he was 19; he's 22 now, and he needs to take some time to figure some stuff out."