Second City Establishes Harold Ramis Film School

Harold Ramis Remembered - H 2014
Courtesy Everett Collection

Harold Ramis Remembered - H 2014

Alums Steve Carell, Adam McKay and Catherine O'Hara will sit on the new school's advisory board.

The Second City has announced the establishment of a film school focusing on comedic content, all in the name of late alum Harold Ramis.

At the Harold Ramis Film School will be a one-year intensive program where students will use Second City's approach to improvisation and apply it towards content creation, including screenplays, sitcom pilots and short films.

As a director, writer and performer, Ramis is known for his comedic film work, including Caddyshack, Ghostbusters and Animal House. President Obama called Ramis “one of America's greatest satirists."

"Harold Ramis was the quintessential Second City writer/performer — intelligent, funny and devoted to the spirit of ensemble,” says Andrew Alexander, CEO and executive producer of The Second City. “I am thrilled by this opportunity to instill Harold’s philosophy of successful storytelling in film in the next generation of artists.”

“This school honors the memory of Harold and his legacy of identifying, mentoring and developing new talent,” says Erica Mann Ramis, widow of Harold. “I am very proud and grateful that The Second City has chosen to pay this enormous tribute to my husband and his work.”

Second City alumni Steve Carell, Betty Thomas, Adam McKay and Catherine O’Hara will be on the advisory board, along with directors Paul Feig and Jay Roach. Groundhog Day producer Trevor Albert will act as the chair of the Harold Ramis Film School. 

Applications are currently being accepted for the program, which starts in September 2016.