Second Montreal man charged with piracy


TORONTO -- As their crackdown on movie piracy grows, Canadian authorities said Wednesday that they have charged a second Montreal man for illegally camcording a Hollywood movie inside a local theater.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Geremi Adams, 25, was charged with two counts of videotaping films and getting as much as CAN$1,000 ($985) for a digital copy capable of distribution on the Internet.

The RCMP 10 days ago charged Louis-Rene Hache, 23 and also of Montreal, with illegally recording the Touchstone Pictures comedy "Dan in Real Life" at a local multiplex on Oct. 26.

Both recent arrests are the first to be made under Canada's new anti-piracy laws that came into effect in June.

The RCMP told a Montreal press conference that Adams had been under investigation by Canadian authorities and the FBI for 14 months before he was arrested Sept. 8 for recording two films: New Line Cinema's "How to Eat Fried Worms" and Walt Disney's "Invincible."

Adams was released in September by the RCMP and is due in court Jan. 30.

The new Canadian anti-camcording laws make a conviction for recording a movie without a theater's permission punishable by a fine and as much as two years in jail.