Chris Pine Leads Men Into Battle to Reclaim Scotland in Second 'Outlaw King' Trailer

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Tony Curran and Stephen Dillane round out the cast of the David Mackenzie-directed film.

Netflix released the second trailer for Outlaw King on Thursday.

Chris Pine stars as Robert the Bruce, the King of Scots in the film. The epic story tells his struggle to regain control of Scotland after the King of England declares he is an outlaw following his decision to begin a civil war.

David Mackenzie directed, co-wrote and produced the film. Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Florence Pugh, Billy Howle, Tony Curran and Stephen Dillane round out the cast.

While the first trailer, which dropped in August, gives a glimpse of Robert the Bruce's life after being declared an outlaw, the new trailer gives a more in-depth look at his journey to become the leader of the rebellion that is determined to take back Scotland from the occupation of England.

The new trailer opens with a scenic view of Scotland before Robert the Bruce explains the current state of the country. "The survival of the Scottish is at stake. There can be no peace. The people are desperate for justice," he explains. "There are some of us that believe we can take our country back. If we can unify and rise up behind one leader."

As Robert the Bruce considers leading the rebellion, he receives support and a blessing from his wife Elizabeth de Burgh (Pugh).

The trailer shows the training process for the disgraced King's army of 50 men who are determined to take back Scotland.

"If I die tomorrow, do whatever you must. Do you understand?" Robert the Bruce later tells Elizabeth, who appears to be in denial about the battle her husband will lead his men into.

"I wear this crown as a symbol of my duty to serve the Scottish people," he later tells his followers as they prepare for the battle. Contrasting clips, such as him embracing his daughter and training his men for war, show Robert the Bruce trying to balance his home life and his role as the leader of the rebellion.

A montage of epic battles follows as Robert the Bruce states, "You can fight for God, for country, for family. I do not care so long as you fight."

Outlaw King premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6. The film will launch globally on Netflix on Nov. 9.

Watch the full trailer above.