'Secret in Their Eyes' Trailer: Julia Roberts' FBI Investigator Searches for Daughter's Killer

Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor co-star in the U.S. remake from writer-director Billy Ray.

The first trailer for Captain Phillips writer Billy Ray's star-studded remake of Secret in Their Eyes debuted online and (partially) on Good Morning America on Tuesday morning.

Starring Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor, the film follows a group of FBI investigators who hunt down the elusive killer of the daughter of Roberts' Jess.

The trailer opens with investigators Jess and Ray (Ejiofor) bantering in the office before they're called to investigate a dead body. Upon arriving at the crime scene, they discover that the teen girl who has been killed brutally is Jess' daughter.

They apprehend a man who Jess and Ray believe is guilty but end up having to let him go, leading to a chilling scene in which Jess comes face-to-face with the man in an elevator.

But Ray remains determined to find the killer, poring through every white male inmate in the U.S. prison system every night for 13 years. When he reconnects with Jess after that time, he has found a new lead and pressures Kidman's district attorney, Claire, to reopen the case. But she's reluctant to have another lead end in disappointment for Jess. And Jess isn't sure if she can watch her daughter's killer go free, so she appeals to Ray for a more vigilante type of justice.

The action ramps up at the end of the trailer, as Jess seems determined to find the killer, and Ray tells Claire that they have to find him first.

"He can quit his job, he can change his name, he can dump his car, but I will still find him," says Jess in the trailer's closing seconds.

The movie co-stars Michael Kelly (House of Cards) and Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) and hits theaters on Oct. 23. The original, The Secret in Their Eyes, was a 2009 Argentinian film directed by Juan Jose Campanella that won the best foreign language film Oscar.

Robert Simonds' STX and Gran Via produced the remake with IM Global, which financed the film.