Secret Mitt Romney Tapes Also Reveal Why He Said No to 'SNL,' Fears 'The View'


The GOP nominee gave a quick assessment of his television strategy during a now-infamous Q&A session at a fundraiser earlier this year.

The big news to come out of the secretly videotaped big money donor event attended by Mitt Romney earlier this year was, of course, his statements about the 47 percent of Americans he said don't pay taxes. But for media strategists, comedy nerds and political junkies, his revelations about his TV exposure also provide a bit of insight into his campaign.

Romney had been invited to appear on Saturday Night Live, he said, but chose not to accept, saying that it had "the potential of looking slapstick and not presidential." 

He did, however, cite numerous appearances he'd made on other late night shows. He'd been on David Letterman's Late Show "a couple of times," he said (the actual number is three) and on Jay Leno's Tonight Show "more than a couple of times" (he's now up to four).

Quipped Romney, "Now Letterman hates me because I've been on Leno more than him; they're very jealous of each other, as you know."

As for daytime, Romney pointed to two appearances on The View.

"The View is fine. Although The View is high risk because of the five women on it, only one is conservative, and four are sharp-tongued and not conservative. Whoopi Goldberg in particular," Romney said. "Although last time I was on the show, she said, 'You know what? I think I could vote for you.' And I said, I must have done something really wrong."

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