'The Americans' Costume Designer Debuts a Lingerie Collaboration

The Americans Inset 2 - P 2015
Courtesy of FX; Michael Williams

The Americans Inset 2 - P 2015

Jenny Gering has partnered with Cosabella for a lingerie collection inspired by Keri Russell's Russian spy character. Now you, too, can dress like a sexy secret agent.

The fashion eagle has landed. Repeat. The fashion eagle has landed.

Espionage fans, rejoice. Timed to the season three premiere of the hit FX show The Americans on Jan. 28, costume designer Jenny Gering has teamed up with lingerie line Cosabella to curate a collection inspired by the spy-centric series. 

The collection, which is available at select boutiques around the country and online starting Friday through Feb. 23, was inspired by the post Cold War drama's character of Elizabeth Jennings (played by Keri Russell), who, along with her on-screen husband, poses as a part of a suburban family in order to conceal their KGB spy identities in post Cold War America.

"Cosabella is perfect because it's very Elizabeth, in that it's very classic, refined and elegant, and the quality is impeccable, but it's also sexy without trying to hard," says Gering, who turned to Russell's character for inspiration during the process.

"I know these characters so well at this point so its a question of what she would wear," says Gering of the collection, which includes items such as the sheer Amalfi lace bra ($84.50), and the demure 24/7 mid slip ($91). "It's also pieces that are more appropriate for the time period. It's very much what i thought she would gravitate toward," Gering adds.

Look for separates similar to items worn by Russell's character in past bedroom scenes, and possible sightings of pieces from the new collection (priced between $40 to $207.50) in season three. But you didn't hear it from us.