See James Franco's Younger Brother Romance Emma Roberts in New Music Video

Dave Franco, who appears in the upcoming "Fright Night" remake, plays a man who lives out a fantasy with the actress of his dreams in the Cults' "Go Outside."

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts teamed up to star in the Cults' new video for "Go Outside."

The clip, directed by Patrick Hoelck, features a man (Franco) obsessed with classic French films who lives out his greatest cinematic fantasy when he embarks on a night of passion and thrills with the actress (Roberts) of his dreams -- after she steps out of the TV set.

Franco and Roberts are both related to Hollywood stars: Franco is Oscar nominee James Franco's younger brother, while Roberts is the niece of Oscar winner Julia Roberts and daughter of Eric Roberts.

Franco's credits include Scrubs, Charlie St. Cloud, Greenberg and the upcoming Fright Night remake. Roberts, who was in Nancy Drew and Valentine's Day, appears in the upcoming Scream 4.

Watch the video below.