See Photos of Oprah Winfrey's House

The daytime queen takes interior designer/talk show host Nate Berkus on a tour of her gardens and sunroom in Montecito, Calif.

Oprah Winfrey took fellow talk show host Nate Berkus on a tour of her house for a segment that aired on his daytime series Tuesday.

Winfrey gave The Nate Berkus Show host, also an interior designer who has been a friend of Winfrey's for 12 years, a tour of the gardens and sunroom -- aka the garden teahouse -- around her Montecito, Calif., home, which she had a big hand in designing.

"There is not a thing that [the interior decorators] do that I'm not involved in," she told Berkus. "I have to see every pieces of fabric, I have to see every trim, every doorknob. I have to see the color of the grout going in between the stone."

Winfrey's garden features a hybridized rose that she had created in honor of the 25 African-American women honored at her Legends Ball. The red flower with an oversized bloom was dubbed the "Legends" rose.

"Just like the Legends," Winfrey told Berkus. "Each rose is vibrant and strong; the petals are so large that you need only a couple of blooms to make a bouquet. "

The property also features views of the ocean and mountains.

"The house is really all about this," Winfrey said, Oprah, taking in the teahouse's magnificent view. "It's all about the view. Isn't this spectacular? I LOVE it!"