See the Most Popular Prints From George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg's Go-To Swimwear Line

Courtesy of Vilebrequin; Getty Images

Vilebrequin's U.S. president, Dinah Emsalem, dishes on the most flattering fits for guys — even if you have a dad bod.

Beach season is officially upon us in Southern California, and that means it's time to pick out the newest and coolest in swim gear. Luckily, Vilebrequin has been offering the choicest beachwear for men since 1971, whether the man in your life likes to surf, swim or just lounge near the water.

The St. Tropez brand has a lot to celebrate recently with the 20th anniversary of their insanely popular Father And Son collection this year ("It is important moment for families," says Dinah Emsalem, the brand's U.S. president) and its recent collaboration with The Rolling Stones — think T-shirts and board shorts with patchwork prints featuring the band's iconic open-mouth imagery and pop art prints.

On Thursday, Pret-a-Reporter caught up with Emsalem over mini lobster rolls at the Fairmont Hotel's Bungalow-hosted fete for the Rolling Stones collaboration to talk about the most popular summer prints and what style swim trunks to wear if you are rocking a dad bod this season.

How are you enjoying L.A so far?

 I am only here for three days, but I love this place. For me, I feel like I am in heaven. The weather, the ocean and the people are so nice!

Who do you think is the biggest celebrity fan of Vilebrequin?

Mark Wahlberg is a huge fan. He was born in 1971, which was the year the company started, so he feels a connection there. And he is definitely a collector, he has almost all of the styles. We are very proud that he is a fan. It is important for us since we are a family brand. We are with our customers at their favorite times, when they are relaxing with their friends and families. We like to be part of that.

What styles are the most flattering for the "Dad Bod"?

We have a suit for every body type! We offer both a flat waist and traditional short. The flat-waisted short, which is a newer style, are for those who are more fit and want to show off their body more. The elastic waist on the traditional cut is easier to pull off, especially after a big lunch!

BEACH READY: The signature Moorea; $280 (left) and flat-waisted Merise style; $295.

Do you have a favorite L.A. beach you like to visit?

Malibu is the best beach. It is super fun and it is a little wild but beautiful! Although, my favorite place in Los Angeles is Abbot Kinney. I discovered Manhattan Beach today, though, and I really loved it, so I have to go back and explore the area and restaurants a little more.

What is the most popular pattern in America, compared to the European stores?

They are very similar, actually. Most people think they would be different. I am studying that very closely right now and when we sell the same options in each place the best sellers tend to be the same. Fashion is completely globalized and people have similar tastes now and like the same things. The main difference we see is that we sell more of long styles in America than in Europe.

But the same patterns are popular across the board. The Americans do like super colorful, too. Tropical Forest is one of the most popular, which is a red, blue and white style with tropical leaves. What we like to say is that when men dress for work they have to wear suits and white shirts and there isn't a lot of options, but when they are on vacation that’s where they can go for it — there are no limitations.

PARTY PEOPLE: Vilebrequin's U.S. president Dinah Emsalem with a guest at the Vilebrequin x Rolling Stones party. (Photo: Courtesy of Vilebrequin)