'Seeking Justice' Trailer: Nicolas Cage Hires a Hitman (Video)

Seeking Justice Film Still Nicolas Cage - H 2012
Anchor Bay Films

Seeking Justice Film Still Nicolas Cage - H 2012

The Anchor Bay thriller stars Cage and January Jones as a married couple, whose world is turned upside down when they enlist the help of a hitman, played by Guy Pearce.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch – or a free revenge murder.

That’s the basic moral of the story based on the new U.S. trailer for Seeking Justice. The Anchor Bay film stars Nicolas Cage as a man named Will Gerard whose wife (January Jones) is brutally attacked.

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While he’s waiting in the hospital, a man offers to help him avenge his wife’s attack. The hitman (played by the always darkly charismatic Guy Pearce) offers to kill off his wife’s attacker, and he’ll even do it for free. “We're just a few citizens seeking justice," he adds. Really? Isn’t that too good to be true?


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“We may ask something of you in the future,” the hitman adds.

Of course, the thing he asks for in the future is for Will to kill someone. When Will refuses, the hitmen come after him and his wife.

Robert Tannen (Even Money) wrote the screenplay, from a story by Todd Hickey and Tannen. Helmed by Roger Donaldson (The Bank Job), the thriller was already released in Europe, and will hit U.S. theaters on March 16.

Watch below: