'Seinfeld' Fan Breaks Apartment Replica Door Doing Kramer Entrance

Seinfeld Fan Breaks Apartment — H 2015

"My inner Kramer is beaming."

Sein-failed. Just hours after Hulu opened a replica of the Seinfeld apartment on Wednesday, a fan immediately broke it while trying to re-create Kramer's famous entrance.

Tim McGeever shared a video of himself entering the apartment with a dramatic spin, as his backpack hits the door frame and instantly pops it off. His face is priceless as he out-Kramers Kramer.

McGeever sent the video to Curbed and then proudly posted a link to the article on his Facebook page. "Hello world, it's me," he wrote. "The Sein-failed guy. My inner Kramer is beaming."

The Hollywood Reporter talked to McGeever, 27, who revealed he broke the door about two hours after Jerry's apartment was opened to the public.

"As they are kind of funneling you into the apartment, you have the option to go right in or if you want to make a Kramer entrance you just have to wait a couple more minutes," says McGeever. "I figured, this was my big opportunity."

Fans wishing to make a Kramer entrance can pass their cell phones to a Hulu employee who films them as they barge in. 

"Knowing this was my only shot to get it right, the pressure was insurmountable," says McGeever. "I had this idea in my head for some sort of twist-slide move. But the next thing I knew I blacked out and the security guard was using expletives and everyone's faces were just jaw-dropped."

McGeever says he was "mortified." He says the security guard in the room yelled "Are you f—ing kidding me?!" and the man filming McGeever chuckled.

"For a moment I guess I froze because I didn't know if I was going to be in trouble," says McGeever. "Then it really sunk in that they built this set, they encouraged me to go through this door in this manner, and a multimillion dollar company built this. They started shuttling people out and I just tiptoed my way out of there."

McGeever, a New Yorker who grew up in Queens, says Kramer was always his favorite character. He says friends of his are not surprised this happened to him, since he's broken other household items in the past by "not being able to control my body."

"My friends have compared me to Kramer in the past and this is just the icing on the cake," he says with a laugh.

A Hulu representative says the only real damage was a side panel on the door. "The 'repair' took less than a minute, required no outside costs and there was no permanent damage to the space or injuries," a spokesperson tells THR.

"We encouraged fans to re-enact the infamous Kramer entrance as part of the experience and are still continuing to do so."