J. Peterman Launches Kickstarter Campaign With 'Seinfeld' Urban Sombrero as Reward

John O'Hurley (as J. Peterman) - Photofest-H 2016

"It's a replica of a really, really good sight gag," says actor John O'Hurley, who played Peterman himself in the sitcom.

"The horror. The horror." 

Or maybe not. The "urban sombrero" featured in a classic episode of Seinfeld is now going to exist.

This week, the real J. Peterman Company announced the hat would go into production and be offered through its catalog, or as it's called, the Owner's Manual.

On the show, the hat is thought up by Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), but the fashion statement does not go over well with the fictional J. Peterman, who exclaims, "The horror. The horror." — a famous line from Apocalypse Now.

The hat will be offered as an exclusive reward through the company’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign.

"I have resisted the many demands to offer [the hat] in the Owner’s Manual catalog because it wasn’t an authentic item," says the real Peterman on the Kickstarter page. "But after 20 years, maybe the Urban Sombrero has served enough time in purgatory. Maybe it has earned its authenticity. More importantly, I'm looking forward to wearing mine at our next board meeting."

Actor John O'Hurley, who portrayed J. Peterman on the show and now co-owns the company, told the Boston Globe he loves the idea. "It's a replica of a really, really good sight gag," he added.

The urban sombrero will be produced in a limited order of 500, available to those backers who pledge $275 or more to the company's fundraising campaign.